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What parents say...

"Therapy helped my daughter to open up and learn to manage her emotions without the need to self-harm. This is something that she would not have done without the support of Lucy. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lucy. She has hopefully given my daughter coping mechanisms that she can employ for the rest of her life. She has helped our daughter to turn her life around and given her hope for the future"

What young people say...

"I have made so much progress in understanding my emotions and learning how to healthily deal with stress. Over the last six months I have learnt more about myself than I had in the sixteen years before that. Lucy helped me so much, she really understood how I was feeling and made me feel heard."

AGE 16

If you're thinking about starting therapy, here's what young people say...

"It may seem very scary or weird but it is so worth it. At first it will be hard and uncomfortable and upsetting but that needs to happen in order for you to overcome your problems and learn to face things"


AGE 16

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